Our Team!

The 2010 League (at least those who showed up).
Bottom Row from left to right:
Hal, Ken, Nick, Elmer, Tom, Tom, Bill, and Loren.

Second Row (left to right):
Jim, Allen, Virginia, and Dennis

Third Row (left to right):
Sandy, Roy, Sy (partially blocked),
Nancy, Cookie, Winnie, and Tom.

Fourth Row: Sorry, almost all totally blocked but enough to identify:
Jan, Linda, Kathy (hair only), and Rich.

Sign goes up waiting in advance of huge game.

The 2010 Season Begins

Cool weather but an enthusiastic league. Coach Bill was not in attendance so the task of recapping the latest encounter with Olie fell to Roy.

Take a look at the picture from Sept. 21 2009, below. The more things change...