Cool August Doesn't Stop Team

Nancy has important meeting with Olie. Tells the team what he said.

The Bench...always ready...but for what?!?

New York Times reports on 16 inch softball. Calls us wimps if we use gloves. See Article. Loren must have taken the article to heart.


Our fearless athletes react to batting practice chaos.
Chillin' in the team's exclusive clubhouse.

Sy Goes Down. DL?

It was a bad day for both the Turtles and the Snails as Sy goes down. League reports that the DL may be next for him. On a brighter note, the team is enraptured by Bill's latest report from Olie. Seems that Bill and Olie had a few beers last night and, well, you know the rest....

Lots of errors in the infield bring out this symbolic fan base. Sandy DOES improve in the infield but not enough for Jim. Cookie gives Sandy a fierce body block in the first inning but he stays in the game.

Apparently Virginia and Al think 2 inches off a tail pipe is funnier than Sy does. Does he know something they don't?

Sy Arrives Late - Not in Time to Stop the Defensive Bleeding

Bill casts a watchful eye on batting practice. Who will get a raise?

Sandy hopes Bill doesn't see the ball go through his legs but he vows to play the infield until he gets it right.

Ron hits to Elgin.

A hot day and game

June 27, 2009. The Turtles killed the Snails or the Snails killed the Turtles. We don't remember.

I was told to say that Ron came late. He played for both sides. He lost. Dundee Township Rotary Club. Dundee Rotary.

Game lost in bottom of the seventh

June 20, 2009. A tough up and down battle. I don't remember the details. Neither does anyone else.

Bill told us of his latest encounter with Olie.